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Hope For A Better Tomorrow

Wiconi Wawokiya Inc. (Project SAFE) is a nonprofit shelter for women who are battered and their children. The shelter also provides services to victims of sexual assault and child abuse. Services include: crisis counseling, shelter, transportation, criminal justice advocacy, medical advocacy, protective orders, emergency financial, support groups, and follow-up. Wiconi Wawokiya Inc. has been in continous operation since 1985. The shelter was originally started in by a small, but concerned, group of volunteers. In 1986-87, through assistance from the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act, the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe funded, for the first time in the history of the Tribe, an emergency shelter for victims of family violence. In November of 1989 the Crow Creek Bureau of Indian Affairs loaned a three-bedroom house to Wiconi Wawokiya, Inc. for housing the shelter. In June of 1993 the Tribal Council passed a resolution to accept a house from the BIA and in turn donate it to Wiconi Wawokiya, Inc. for housing the shelter. Wiconi Wawokiya gutted the house and remodeled it for both offices and living quarters for women and children. The shelter now can house 14 to 16 people at one time. Wiconi Wawokiya, Inc. is located on the Crow Creek Sioux Indian Reservation in central South Dakota. The reservation lies within the boundries of Hyde, Hughes, and Buffalo counties. It is significant that Buffalo county ranks as the poorest county in the nation. Fort Thompson is centrally located on the reservation and is the center of government, tribal and business interests. Big Bend District is 45 miles to the northwest and the Crow Creek district is 16 miles to the southwest. Wiconi Wawokiya, Inc. receives its funding through grants on local state and federal levels and provides services to a large rural area including the Crow Creek Indian Reservation. This reservation and the surrounding communities that make up our service area experience significant geographical isolation. Since Wiconi Wawokiya, Inc. was established, our community has become more aware of domestic violence and sexual assault and with that awareness comes hope. Wiconi Wawokiya, Inc. has hope for a better tomorrow without violence within our community.

Wiconi Wawokiya, Inc.
Project SAFE Shelter, Mita Maske Tiki Shelter & The Children's SAFE Place
P.O. Box 49 Fort Thompson, SD 57339
Fax: 605-245-2737
Crisis line & Business: 605-245-2471 After hours: 605-730-2471
Out of town: 1-800-SAFE-039
We are a 501-C3 non-profit organization Any donations would greatly be accepted